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When a customer takes delivery of a Complete Kitchen that’s the beginning, not the end of the relationship. We stand behind our craftsmanship and quality, providing you a 10 Years Warranty and lifetime support.

It’s our confidence and professionalism that you can rely on and another great reason for choosing Complete Kitchens.





Subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in this warranty below Complete Kitchens warrants to the original purchaser for interior residential use that we will repair or replace any cabinet carcass that suffers a failure in its structural integrity as a result of materials or manufacturing defect without charge within 10 years from date of installation. Failure of structural integrity means the carcass breaking or cracking under normal domestic use.

The warranty period for our cabinets, doors, bench tops and internal fittings against defective materials or faulty workmanship is subject to manufacturer limited warranty. We specify Hettich or Blum hardware for our kitchens who offers a Lifetime warranty on all drawer runners, hinges and drawers. This guarantee is in addition to all other statutory warranties which usually apply.

This warranty does not cover the following circumstances:

-Any natural occurrence or other circumstances not within the control of Complete Kitchens, such as the cabinets go out of level as a result of house shifting;

-Any damage caused to the cabinets if you are arranging your own delivery;

-Any damage to the cabinets due to faulty or incorrect installation by any person other than someone employed by or subcontracted by Complete Kitchens;

-Alterations, modifications or use of warranted products which are beyond or inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and which have not been authorized by Complete Kitchens;

-Insufficient or improper care, including inappropriate use of cleaning products;

-Natural fading or damage due to direct or indirect exposure to sunlight, heat or water etc;

-Reasonable wear and tear;

– Outdoor kitchens; Commercial projects and any cabinetry less than $5,500 (GST inclusive) in value.

Warranty Claim

All warranty claims must be made in writing. Claims will not be accepted unless the original contract or invoice is supplied.

Complete Kitchens reserves the right to have any alleged faulty product inspected by an authorized representative prior to any claim being processed. If the inspection reveals that this warranty does not apply, then a call out fee of $150+GST will apply. If a product is no longer available and cannot be repaired, Complete Kitchens will, in its absolute discretion, replace the product with a substitute item.

Please note: For all warranty related replacements, Complete -Kitchens has an hourly rate of $90+GST to re-hinge, drill and or install a Door, Panel or frame.



A bespoke kitchen by CK is designed and built to be long-lasting, with exceptional standard of quality. We suggest you observe the following hints (as applicable) to keep your new cabinets looking bright and new for many years to come.



LAMINATE is a hardwearing material, but like all materials it can be damaged if used without some care and maintenance. The following information should help you to maintain the surface of laminate with the minimum of time and effort.


A wipe over with a clean soft damp cloth should be sufficient to keep all laminate surfaces clean. Soiled or light stains are removed with warm soapy water or with a common detergent, such as Mr. Muscle, Dissol, Nifty Solvent or bathroom cleaner, Flash Liquid, Bathroom Plus or Extra Strength Windex, containing no abrasive or strongly acidic or alkaline ingredients.

It may be necessary to use a brush similar to a tooth or nail brush as well, where the surface is of a texture or embossed finish.

Wax or other polishes are unnecessary and should not be used on decorative laminates.

If acrylic materials are used, avoid cleaning for 5 days after removal of plastic protective coating due to product still air curing.

Warning: When cleaning, be careful not to rub excessively. This may cause a shine on the area.


Thermo-formed doors are a coated door that undergoes a heat vacuum process to wrap an MDF door substrate.


Thermoformed doors are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Towel dry afterwards. Stubborn stains and marks (such as ball point ink) should be removed immediately by gently wiping the surface with mentholated spirits.

DO NOT use abrasives, solvent based or cream cleansers.

DO NOT allow hot objects to come into contact with the surface finishes.

Excessive heat, hot gases, steam and fumes produced by cooking appliances such as wall ovens, hotplates and dishwashers, can lead to damage to your thermo-formed doors and panels, such as delamination and discoloration.

To avoid such occurrences, the following precautions should be taken:

* Never allow heat, hot gases and fumes produced by wall ovens to come in to contact with cupboard doors and panels surrounding the wall oven.

* Always operate the Rangehood exhaust fan when using your bench top hot plates.

Warnings: High temperatures and cooking fumes will cause damage to surrounding cupboard doors and panels unless an efficient exhaust is used.


Two Pack finishes offer superior features such as Hard wearing, longer lifespan, Seamless edges and various gloss levels available from matt to full gloss.


To care for your two pack doors, please clean up any spillages immediately.

DO NOT use abrasives, solvent-based or cream cleanser to clean your painted doors, which can have an adverse affect on the paint and cause bubbling or cracking. It’s recommended to only use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Paint thinners can be used with extreme caution, but is not recommended.

Painted doors can be damaged by mechanical damage. Avoid contact with sharp and or hard objects, like cutlery, pots, pans and utensils.


Don’t be alarmed if your timber doors move. Timber is a natural product that will absorb moisture and expand or contract. Excessive heat may cause shrinkage. The moisture content in your doors will, with time, vary in response to changes in the relative humidity of the air surrounding it.


To help avoid this utilize your rangehood whilst cooking and open your doors and windows if you have evaporative air conditioning.

The UV rays in sunlight will discolour your timber doors. Red coloured timber will turn more brown, whilst light coloured timbers will gain a honey coloured appearance. There is no remedy for this occurring. If you notice shrinkage, within the centre panels, we suggest you purchase a bottle of Marveer, O Cedar Oil, or Goddards Cabinet Makers Polish. Apply these polishes to the exposed timber area with a clean white rag. This will enhance and protect the timber surface.

To ensure that your surface finish remains in perfect condition the above polishes should be applied at 3 monthly intervals for the life of the product. Particular attention should be directed to the end grain areas of your doors or bench tops (as applicable). The use of furniture polishes (in particular, ones which contain silicon) and waxes are not recommended for use on the timber surfaces.

Wipe with a warm damp cloth followed by a soft, dry cloth whenever spills occur. Clean cooking grease off after cooking. Dust should be wiped from the surface with a clean, soft cloth in the direction of the grain as the fine dust particles can act as an abrasive.

Spilling of some materials as mentioned in “Staining” can affect the lacquer surfaces so the procedure of wiping spills as soon as they occur will help avoid damage to the timber surfaces.


With fabricated stone bench tops, including engineered stone, Marble & Granite, steel supports have been incorporated in opening apertures of your sink, hotplates, dishwashers etc. However, due to the reduced amount of stone left, the area immediately surrounding these areas are more vulnerable to accidental damage and/or abuse.

In general, DO NOT under any circumstances sit or stand on Stone Bench Tops.  They are NOT unbreakable.


The most common type of stone bench top is engineered stone which are generally 91%-95% quartz based, brands such as Caesarstone® and Smartstone.

Engineered stone has outstanding properties that ensure ease of maintenance and longevity. They will withstand exposure to tea, soda, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and strongly colored spices but can be permanently damaged by exposure to strong chemicals and solvents. DO NOT use products that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride, such as paint removers or strippers. Avoid any highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaner that have high alkaline/h levels. Should the surface be accidentally to any of these damaging agents, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

Please refer to Caesarstone® and Smartstone care information below for cleaning & care instructions in details.



Marble is a soft porous natural stone. Variation in Colour, grain, structure and veining is to be expected. Small holes, pot marks, fine cracks, and imperfections are common in many marble colour s and are unavoidable. Different Marble comes in varying slab sizes and as such joins in bench tops may be frequent.

Marble can be scratched and stained easily, with almost any household items. Marble also cracks easily if abused or misused. It’s only recommended if very little abuse is likely. In cases where the surface has been stained, scratched or cracked there is little chance of satisfactory rectification.


To keep a marble surface clean, mild soap and warm water should be used. Avoid any kind of chemical cleaning products. To refresh a marble surface clear car wax can be used.

For the removal of fresh stains on a marble surface pure methylated spirits or pure chlorine can be used. (Put methylated spirits or chlorine on a clean white cloth and leave it on the stain for at least 24 hours). Repeat this process as many times as required to dissolve the stain.

Please note: Chlorine on polished marble surfaces may create dull spots.



Complete Kitchens only work with well-known brands which provide you the best quality and service. Hence we are able to extend specific warranties on different materials & products, separate details can be found through the following links:


Polytec Doors & Benchtops: 7 Years Warranty & Care Brochures

For full warranty terms and conditions read here.

Melamine Doors & Panels Care    Thermolaminated Doors & Panel Care


Laminex Decorative Surfaces: 7 Years Warranty

Claim your Warranty here. Download Laminex Care & Maintenance Guide.


Nanotech Matt Material for Interior Design: 10 Years Warranty by Nover 

Download Fenix Warranty Brochure.  View Fenix Cleaning Instructions & Fenix Maintenance Guide.


German Cabinet Hardware: Lifetime Warranty

Download Hettich Hardware Care and Warranty Guide. To make a claim, contact Hettich customer service on 1800 687 789 or email


Austrian Cabinet Hardware: Lifetime Warranty

Click here to learn Blum’s Warranty & Replacement Policy. Download Cleaning and Maintenance Manual.


Comprehensive 10 Years Limited Warranty 

On receipt of your Warranty Registration  information, Caesarstone will provide you with a complimentary cleaning kit and a genuine stainless steel Caesarstone Authenticity Badge which you can attach to your countertop. Download Caesarstone Support and Cleaning Guide



Comprehensive 15 Years Limited Warranty  

Click here to register your Warranty. Download Care & Maintenance Brochure.



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