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When it comes to custom kitchens, a professional design is just as important as the quality of the finished product. That’s why we have a team of skilled kitchen designers here to assist you. 





Start Your Kitchen Journey with a Kitchen Designer

In the process of a kitchen renovation, a well-designed and personalized kitchen plan is crucial in ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience, while also helping to achieve your desired outcome. 

Designing a custom kitchen is a complex process that involves many considerations, including functionality, layout, storage, and materials. While interior designers and planning software can certainly be helpful in the design process, a professional kitchen designer offers several unique benefits. 

With their expertise and extensive experience, kitchen designers can help you navigate the vast array of design options and materials available, suggest alternative materials and layouts that can help you to achieve the desired look while also staying within your budget.

They can also provide expert advice on appliance placement, lighting, and other essential design elements. 


Design Your Dream Kitchen with Complete Kitchens 


At Complete Kitchens, our professional Kitchen Designers are committed to creating functional and beautiful kitchens that are tailored to our clients’ unique lifestyles, tastes, and requirements.

To achieve that, we’ve developed a specialized In-home design consultation and detailed costing service that provides our clients with an exceptional experience. They take the time to understand your vision and preferences, and works closely with you to create a design concept that reflects your personality and style, while also planning the project cost to fit within your budget. 

We invite you to learn more about our Kitchen Design & Costing Process and discover how we can help you achieve your dream kitchens with our In-home Design Consultation Service. 

Discover More about Kitchen Design 


Before booking your in-home design consultation, we invite you to explore the world of Kitchen Design with us.

To get started, we encourage you to visit our Oakleigh South showroom in person where you can experience firsthand the quality of our workmanship and attention to detail through a wide range of latest kitchen designs and products.

Alternatively, you can explore our website to learn more.


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