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Whether your laundry is a dedicated room in your home, or a European cupboard style, it needs to be a well organized, smart use of space.

At Complete Kitchens we can make the most of your laundry area, be it just a place for your washer and dryer, or a multi-functional room.


Ticking off these factors will create a on-trend laundry that’s super fit for purpose:
  • Natural Light
  • Sufficient ventilation;
  • External Door for access if possible;
  • LED Strip Lighting;
  • Featured Splashback/Floor Tiles;
  • Plenty of overhead storage;
  • Hanging rail above the sink for drying laundry inside;
  • Tall Cupboard for brooms, mops & Dyson;


A laundry renovation aims to achieve a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, catering to the various tasks involved in laundering, such as washing, drying, and ironing clothes. 

When planning the design and layout of your laundry area, it’s essential to give careful thought to storage and utility requirements. Depending on the available space, a laundry renovation can either entail creating a dedicated laundry room or integrating it with another part of your home to optimize space utilization. 

The Dedicated Laundry Room – For those fortunate enough to have a separate room at their disposal, we can transform this space into an organized haven. We’ll ensure your laundry area is well-equipped with essential storage solutions for cleaning products and equipment, including vacuums, buckets mops and brooms. 

Combination Rooms – Alternatively, if space is at a premium, you lean toward a more minimalist approach, or you desire a multi-purpose area, here are some great ideas to make the most of your available space:


European Laundry.  Originating in France, European laundry setups were traditionally concealed within kitchen cupboards, primarily designed for apartment living. However, they have gained popularity in various settings today. These setups can ingeniously fit into hallway closets, be tucked beneath kitchen countertops, or even utilize the often-neglected space under a staircase, unlocking the potential of forgotten areas. 



                Hallway European Laundry_ Albert Park Project


Bathroom.  While shared bathroom and laundry spaces are typically associated with apartments, they don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. Concealing a washer/dryer combo within cabinetry that matches the bathroom vanity can provide a stylish and contemporary solution to the age-old challenge faced by inner-city dwellers.


Mudrooms. Properties in rural areas, homes in colder climates with snowy winters, and beachfront retreats often feature mudrooms, providing an excellent opportunity to integrate a laundry area seamlessly.


Butler’s Pantry If you are fortunate enough to have the space for a butler’s pantry, incorporating a concealed washer and dryer here is a practical choice. Given that the washer and dryer are already discreetly placed, open cabinetry is typically all that’s needed to complete the setup, ensuring a functional yet elegant addition to your home. 


The process for a laundry renovation is quite similar to that of a kitchen renovation. Therefore we are also able to offer a trades coordination service,  as well as installation of your cabinetry and benchtops, while you can purchase your own appliances such as sink and taps.


The cost of a Laundry Renovation can vary, depending on which of the above options you decide on.  For example if you are designing a combined Butler’s Pantry/laundry then the washer and dryer can easily slide under the pantry bench that you’ll be installing for the pantry anyway. Here may just be some extra plumbing costs associated.

On the other hand, if you have a larger, separate laundry room the cost will be more as you will have to build dedicated cabinetry for your appliances not to mention storage. Typically, the cost of such a laundry renovation is between $12,000- $20,000 to include everything, a reasonable budget for the cabinetry and benchtop would be between $5,000 to $10,000.



Looking to design and renovate your laundry?  

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