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Spec & Site Check

On accepting the quote, we prepare a contract for you to sign.

Then we will move to Pre-Production Stage of your project, including Selection Meeting, Specification documentation, Site Check, Production Drawings and Project Planning.


Your designer will invite you to a Colour Meeting in our sample room where we detail all the finishes and choose accessories. Tweaks to the design will be done at this stage whilst all the details for the appliances are provided.

Once the design and specification are completed, we are ready to site check. Our technical detailer will meet you on-site to take all the measurements then start your production drawings.

The production drawings and specification documents reflect what is to be built exactly and delivered. We will send these drawings for your review and approval before proceed to production.

Once you approve the production drawings, your cabinetry will be sent to factory for production and the manufacturing lead time begins.

Our scheduling team will provide you an ETA and trade schedule followed (if applicable).

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