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A well-designed kitchen starts with its layout, and selecting the right kitchen design layout is essential for creating a space that is both functional and stylish.

On this page, we will explore popular kitchen layouts and showcase real examples of our kitchen layout transformations from our kitchen renovation projects.

Island Kitchen Layouts


The Island kitchen design layout, also known as the ‘Modern Layout,’ is hugely popular among homeowners who enjoy entertaining, renovators, and new home builders.

This layout features a kitchen island in the center, with cabinets and appliances along the walls. It offers dual access to the kitchen and provides extra counter and storage space, making it ideal for preparing and serving meals, as well as hosting social gatherings.



Brighton East Kitchen Renovation

For the Carr Street Brighton East kitchen project, our team transformed the original Peninsula layout into an open-plan island kitchen. The addition of the central island created a more spacious and modern kitchen design that is perfect for entertaining and everyday use.

The island features seating space that faces the rear garden and provides additional counter and storage space. The dual access to the kitchen makes it easy to move around and access different areas of the kitchen, making meal preparation and entertaining a breeze. This open-plan layout is an excellent example of how a well-planned kitchen design can transform a space, creating a functional and stylish kitchen that meets the needs of the homeowners.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts


The L-Shape Kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen design layouts in kitchen renovations because it’s efficient and works well for small to medium size spaces and open-plan kitchen designs. 

This layout features two adjacent walls of cabinets and appliances that form an L-shape. The design creates a natural work triangle between the sink, stove and fridge, making it an efficient layout for cooking and food preparation. 



Brunswick Kitchen Renovation 

In the De Carle Street Brunswick apartment project, as the kitchen space was tight, our team redesigned the kitchen layout from a U-shape to an L-shape. The result was a more spacious working area and more efficient storage and workflow.

Peninsula Kitchen Layouts


The Peninsula kitchen layout is an excellent choice for smaller open-plan homes and apartments or when you want to create a clear separation between the kitchen and living areas of your home, making it easy to entertain guests while keeping the kitchen organized and tidy.

With its single entry, the Peninsula layout combines a back wall and island bench that is attached to a return. This design creates a modern and functional space that is perfect for open-concept kitchens, providing extra counter and storage space. 



Caulfield South Kitchen Renovation

The Laura Street kitchen renovation project presented our designers with two layout options to enhance the kitchen’s functionality and storage.

The first option was to modernize the original G Shape peninsula layout to include better storage and work flow solutions. The second option was to create a modern island kitchen by removing a wall and installing sliding glass doors, providing a garden view and making it ideal for those who enjoy entertaining guests.

After careful consideration, the homeowners opted to keep the original kitchen layout as it provides more bench space for meal preparation and cooking, making it easier for multiple people to cook together; it also allows for more storage options, making it convenient to store small appliances and other kitchen essentials.

U-Shape Kitchen Layouts


U-Shape kitchens is ideal for larger kitchens, and it consists of cabinetry and appliances arranged in a U-shape. As the name suggests, the layout includes three walls and one area of entry. The design provides ample countertop space and storage, and it allows for easy movement between work zones.

Although a more traditional kitchen layout, careful design and using innovative storage solutions will help you to improve the flow and maximize the use of corner cabinets.

If space allows, incorporating an island bench into a U-shaped kitchen layout can provide additional workspace and create a social setting for family meals. 

Below, you can see two examples (Grant St Oakleigh Kitchen Project and Cranham St Caulfield Kitchen Project) of large U-shaped kitchens with central islands. Both kitchens feature a wall of big appliance pantry that provides ample storage for the owners’ needs.










Galley Kitchen Layouts 


The Galley Kitchen arrangement is characterized by two walls that are parallel to each other with a narrow aisle in between. This layout is an excellent choice for small rectangular kitchen spaces and can be highly efficient in terms of workflow. However, individuals who desire an open and spacious feel in their kitchen may not find it to be an ideal option.

Apart from being a practical choice for small kitchens, the galley layout is also a functional extension to open-plan kitchen designs for laundries and butler’s pantries.

To create an inviting atmosphere in a galley kitchen, it’s crucial to incorporate adequate lighting. Adding feature lighting to overhead units or LED lights along the kickboards can help brighten up the space and give it a modern touch.


Custom Kitchen Layouts


In some kitchen renovation projects, homeowners may encounter an odd-shaped kitchen or structural limitations that make it challenging to implement a standard kitchen layout. In such cases, custom layouts may be required to optimize the available space and meet the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

To create a custom kitchen layout, it’s crucial to consult with a professional kitchen designer who can evaluate the kitchen’s unique features and constraints and suggest creative design solutions.

A kitchen designer can take into account factors such as the kitchen’s size, shape, and orientation, as well as the homeowner’s lifestyle, cooking habits, and storage requirements.



Ripponlea Kitchen Renovation (Odd-Shape) 

Our Erindale Avenue Ripponlea Kitchen Project presented a unique challenge for our designers due to the odd-shaped kitchen space and angled load-bearing support wall. Despite these obstacles, our team was able to create an airy and modern open-plan layout with a casual breakfast bar that perfectly met the owners’ needs and preferences. The final result of the redesign speaks for itself.

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