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Don’t stress when it comes to installation, as we can take care of it for you. We use our highly experienced in-house installers to install your cabinets. Our stonemason will check measure the benchtops and these are installed approximately 10 workings days after cabinet install.

If we are coordinating the trades for you, a Trade Schedule will be sent to you a couple of weeks prior to your installation. All the dates will be advised upfront so you can plan ahead.

What You Need to Know about Kitchen Installation


  • Trades: We provide Trade Coordination Service instead of full project management to keep your kitchen renovation budget friendly. Based on clients’ individual requests, we can estimate the trades (Plumbing, Electrician, Plaster, Tiler etc.) and if the coordination service is required, we will book and send a Trade Schedule to you a couple of weeks prior to installation. All the dates will be advised upfront so you can plan ahead.


  • Scheduling & Site Access: According to the door finishes of your kitchen, you will be advised your delivery time frame upon signing off production drawings. Based on our production progress, our scheduling team will confirm the final installation date by email at least 1 week prior to your installation commencing. The instructions of site access and required on-site items will be advised on this email.


  • Site Preparation: The beginning of your kitchen renovations will commence with disconnection of services to affected areas and removal of existing kitchen (rip-out). Trades will then rough-in all new electrical and plumbing indicated on plans. Any building works will also be carried out at this stage. The room then will be plastered if required so the site will be ready for your new kitchen.


  • Cabinetry Delivery: Delivery of the cabinetry will take place on or one day prior to the nominated installation day by our own installation team or our professional cabinetry mover.


  • Cabinetry Installation: Generally, an average-sized kitchen takes approximately 1-2 working days to be completed. At this point, we will arrange stonemason to pick up the stone templates (if applicable).


  • Stone Benchtop: The stone takes approximately 10 working days to be manufactured and installed from the cabinetry installation day. Once the benchtop is installed, the plumber and electrician can fit off appliances and taps at this point to make your kitchen usable.


  • Splashback: Now your kitchen is ready to be measured for stone or glass splashback. If you chose tiles, it can be done at this time. Stone or glass splashback takes approximately 10 working days for manufacture. Please note you might need the plumber and electrician to disconnect the services (if already fit-off) for stone/glass splashback going in and have them reconnected after that.


  • Site Clean-Up: Our installers and trades will take care to ensure the dust and debris is minimized. All the hard waste will be removed from the site, the bulk of dust will be vacuumed up. However, your kitchen or affected areas are basically building zones, detailed cleaning will still be required from the owners or professional domestic cleaners.




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