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Planning Your Alfresco kitchens?

The weather is warming up and BBQ season is nearly with us!

It’s time to fire up the grill and have your family and friends gathered in the alfresco area!! Complete Kitchens have an dedicated display showcasing our out door alfresco kitchens, so you can see how they are going in real weather conditions.

Below are 6 tips for planning yours.


6 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens 


1. Check if Council Approval is required & Plan Ahead

Ensure that your outdoor kitchen plan complies with local council.  If you are building a new home, include your alfresco area on your plans to council.

2. Think about your Budget

As a guide, prices start at about $6500 for around 3 linear meters of outdoor kitchen cabinetry and stone benchtop (BBQ etc supplied by client). The budget will expand with size and the use of high-end materials… up to $40,000 for a top end outdoor kitchen with built-in barbecue and fridge.

A reasonable budget to have a standard outdoor kitchen installed is around $10,000, not including the appliances.

3. Is your outdoor Kitchen under cover? 

We can create outdoor kitchens for installation out in the open, however we do suggest that a kitchen will age more gracefully under cover and we can then use different materials that may be more cost effective.  When the kitchen is going to be fully exposed to sun, moisture and temperature differences, we need to use premium materials that can withstand many weather conditions. Stainless Steel and Granite are our recommendations for benchtops if the Alfresco kitchen is fully exposed to the elements.

4. Smart Design Matters!

A professional Kitchen Designer can help you achieve the best results from advising you of the most space efficient layout, to choosing the right materials and colour palette to complement the home and existing landscape. Remember, a well-thought-out alfresco area  will increase the value of your home, so it’s an investment.

5. Choose from the latest all weather materials

There are so many new products coming to the market can be used especially for outdoor kitchens and the pricing can vary  greatly. Check out our alfresco kitchen showroom displays to see the most popular all weather products in real outdoor conditions and how they perform.

Our designers will be able to give you some ideas about choice materials to use and price guide.

6. Consider the Warranty

Outdoor kitchens are obviously subject to much more ware and tear than indoor kitchens. That’s why many companies do not provide any warranty for outdoor kitchens.

Complete Kitchens provided Limited 2 Years Warranty for every outdoor kitchen under cover. The warranty excludes kitchens in the open. Please note that it guarantees failure of structural integrity only. The warranty period for the cabinets, benchtop and internal fittings is subject to manufacturer limited warranty.

Click here to view our Alfresco Kitchen Gallery.

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