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Sandringham Kitchen Renovations

At Complete Kitchens, our team of professionals, combined with our dedicated process, has enabled us to achieve success in hundreds of kitchen renovation projects in Sandringham and the surrounding suburbs.


With over 45 years experience in Kitchen Design and Renovation, as well as Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturing, Complete Kitchens specialize in transforming old kitchen spaces into stunning and functional areas that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team of experienced designers covers all aspects of kitchen design, from layout and color schemes to cabinetry manufacturing. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their new kitchen not only looks beautiful but also meets their everyday needs. 

Sandringham Kitchen Renovations 


How have we transformed Sandringham Homes through our work? Our remarkable Sandringham projects photos will speak for themselves. Take a moment to explore some of our stunning projects in Sandringham:

Entertainer’s Kitchen-Vincent St, Sandringham

Luxurious Classic-Bluff Rd, Sandringham

Plywood Reveal-Spring Rd, Sandringham

These examples highlight our commitment to creating exceptional spaces that elevate the beauty and functionality of Sandringham Homes. One standout project is the the impressive “Plywood Reveal” – our Spring Road kitchen project. We invite you to explore the following Case Study. 


Case Study  _ Spring Road Project 


Shortlisted as a finalist of KBDI Awards 2019 (Large Kitchens Vic), this contemporary design of Spring Road Kitchen project showcases the stylish rustic black and the warmth of the timber with ply reveal.

Design Brief


Our clients, a family with two young children living in a Sandringham townhouse, faced the challenge of a small kitchen with limited bench space. Their vision was to expand the kitchen by utilizing the higher ceiling area and harnessing the abundance of natural light available. 

Their desire was for a modern, family-friendly kitchen that seamlessly integrated their appliances, featured a sleek and handle-less design, incorporated a designated coffee nook, and included an island for entertaining purposes. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of working with their existing spiral staircase while transforming the space.



Design Solution_Layout


To achieve the clients’ goals, we swapped the living area with the bedrooms and extended the wall between the living and kitchen, which significantly increased the kitchen’s size. This allowed the kitchen, dining, and living areas to work seamlessly together, creating a more spacious and practical layout.

As a result, the clients now enjoy an island that serves as both a preparation and entertainment space, along with multiple entryways into the kitchen for enhanced accessibility. Additionally, we established a separate zone near the fridge dedicated to coffee making, providing a convenient and well-defined area for this specific activity.


Design Solution_Colours

Inspired by the European trend, our designer carefully chose Plyco Tas Oak Veneer on Birch as the primary colour, complemented by Decoply Raven Spotless black as the secondary color. For high-use areas like the fridge and pantry zone, we opted for a finger-resistant, matte black finish that is perfect for families with kids. The use of a black finger rail on ply, with a handle cutout revealing the ply underneath, created a captivating contrast.

The warmth of the timber, accentuated by the ply reveal, beautifully complemented the Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete countertops and the polished concrete floor. Lastly, the custom-made rangehood box, matching the chosen color scheme, not only showcased the sloping ceiling but also added a touch of drama to the overall design.


Planning a Kitchen Renovation in Sandringham? 


If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in Sandringham, choose Complete Kitchens! We have expertly designed and renovated over 400 kitchens in Sandringham, and we offer professional design service and high-quality custom cabinetry. Our experienced kitchen designers and stress-free Design & Costing process ensure a seamless kitchen journey.

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