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Kitchen Layout Options

For any kitchen space, layout is a crucial decision as it will impact on your everyday ease of use. Instead of looking at colours and finishes of the kitchen at the very beginning, we always suggest to our clients to think about how their kitchen will be used and plan the layout carefully to cater for it. Then you can work with your designer to layer the finishes to get the look you desire.

Kitchen Layout Options


  • Straight Layouts

-A single row of cabinets which tend to work best for small basic kitchens in small homes or units.


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery _ Showroom Display 


  • Galley Layouts

-Galley design features two rows of cabinets with a walkway through the middle, which is ideal for kitchens with limited space.


Image Source: From Internet


  • L – Shaped Layouts

-The L – Shaped design is perfect for utilising the corner of a room and is generally larger than Straight or Galley Layouts. You can easily incorporate an island bench or dining table.


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery _ Malvern Project


  • U – Shaped Layouts

-This layout comprises of cabinets on three sides of the room and can also incorporate an island bench or dining table in the centre. U-Shaped kitchen requires a larger area but provides the most flexible design.


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery _ East Malvern Project


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery_ Oakleigh Project


  • Open Plan Layouts _ Current Trend

The concept of open plan means to have a flowing architecture where traditional barriers such as walls and doors are eliminated, the spaces for cooking, enjoying food and living merge together. This layout makes your kitchen form part of a much larger room, allowing the high quality kitchen products blends in beautifully with the living environment, to really upgrade your home.


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery _ Portsea Project


Image Source: Complete Kitchens Gallery _ Carnegie Project


Going open-plan is the most popular choice in kitchen renovations, but bear in mind it requires a thoughtful design to coordinate materials throughout the entire space. We often match kitchen cabinetry with built in TV cabinets or dining cabinets to achieve a unified look.


Get Your Kitchen Layout Right

For any enclosed or open-plan kitchen space, there may be more than one possible layout, so think about the following questions and discuss with a kitchen professional to see which solution will work best for your space both functionally and aesthetically.

-Are you happy with your current kitchen space? If you want to extend it, what additional space might you have to work with?

-How much benchtop space do you need?

-How much kitchen storage do you need?

-How do you want your kitchen to flow to the rest of your home?

– What functions do you require for your kitchens space other than cooking? Eg. Combining a dining area or study space…

-Which appliances are you planning to incorporate?

-Any other aspects of your current kitchen space that you wish to improve on?  Eg. For cleaning needs, increasing natural light, to be kids-friendly…

Give a good thought to above questions and make a list, it would make your designer understand better your needs in order to offer his/her expertise.

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