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COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers,

CK Team is always here to help you plan your renovation projects.

Our designers are still consulting by Zoom and we are still manufacturing. Our on-site work including site measurements, installations and maintenance will carry out under strict Stage 4 Restrictions.

Please see below for more details.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers,

According to the current Victorian government roadmap, we expect that our showroom can be reopened to our customers from 26th October (or an earlier day) while the renovations in an occupied home resume.

We thank you for your patience.


21/09/2020  (Latest Update)


Dear Customers,

On 11st August 2020, Victoria Government and HIA released latest clarifications regarding Construction Sector especially Small scale Renovation Sites. Please see the updates below:


  1. Manufacturing Continue

It’s confirmed again that as a building supplier, Complete Kitchens’ manufacturing can continue with current capacity without being scaled back.


  1. Site Restrictions 

It has been updated that the specialist trades can only move between up to three sites per week. As a consequence, each of our installation teams and other trades we co-ordinate can only do up to three projects per week. The restrictions of maximum 5 workers on-site still apply.

If your project site is a building site or an unoccupied home, it will continue and our project team will co-ordinate with you or your builder to ensure we meet the all requirements on-site.

If you are currently living in the property which you renovate, the site measurements/installations/maintenance works will be putting on hold until the Stage4 Restrictions eased.


Thank you for your understanding and continuous support to our business.

Stay Safe!


Your CK Team



(Version 7/08/2020)

Dear Customers,

Further to the latest announcement and official guidelines (No.6) released by the Victoria Government yesterday, we have now received information provided by HIA (Housing Industry Association) indicating that:

– The construction of new homes can continue.

– The renovation of existing homes can continue.

– If you are in the business of manufacturing building supplies to support the construction industry, you can continue to operate your business.  For example, joinery workshops can remain open.


Complete Kitchens will continue to operate:

1. Showroom

Our showroom is currently closed to public.

We are still waiting for further information regarding how the showrooms can operate in order to keep current residential projects moving forward, and with what restrictions.

We will communicate with our customers once more details are clarified.


2. Office

Office operating hours remain with no change at this stage (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)

Although our designers and Technical Team are working from home, our project managing team and admin team will still working from our offices.

Design consultations/colour selections will be arranged remotely if showroom appointments are to be limited.

We understand that site checks for current projects can continue.


3. Factory (Manufacturing & Installation)

Our factory will continue to operate at the current capacity.

Our installation and trade works will continue under the conditions of “maximum 5 workers at any time”.

Noted the previous restriction of “workers can only work at one site during stage 4” has been updated to “specialist trades will now be able to move between up to three sites per week”.

Our current installation and trade scheduling may change to meet above restrictions. Our scheduling manager will run through individual projects in the next few days and send updates, if any.


We understand that above information and arrangements may be updated and subject to change at any time, but Complete Kitchens will constantly update our customers as to any informed changes.


Thank you for supporting our business during this challenging time!

CK Team will do best to service our customers and the economy of Victoria.

Stay Safe!


CK Management


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